Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Thilatharpanapuri alias Sethalapathy is a holy place situated in south India in the state of Tamilnadu, Thirurvarur district. This place situated on the banks of river Harinathi alias Arasalar where Lord Rama performed ceremony to his loving father Dasaradha .This happened while Rama journey in search of seetha who was captured and taken away by Ravana, The king of Lanka.

On the bank of Arasalar, there lies an ancient beautiful Agraharam by name Sethalapathy where lots of Vedic pandits lived in those days. These Vedic pandits preferred to live here because Lord Rama performed ceremony for Dasaradha and not only this, the river Harinithi runs as Uthiravaghini (from North to South)on the eastern side of the Agraharam.This so called Uthiravagini is so holy place as per the facts in puranas.If a person take one holy dip in Uthiravagini river, it is equal to 100 krichnams and each krichnams is equal to 1000 Gho thanams (Cow thanam). So it is a very powerful place to do holy things.

Normally ceremonies are associated with thila (Gingely seed -also called as sesame seed) so this place is called THILA-THARPANA-PURI. Puri means holy place.
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